Here’s a list of tools and resources I use or plan to use that I’ve curated from attending conferences, classes and listening to pros.  Instead of hunting through notes, I wanted to reference a list in one place, so I’m sharing my list with you.  I update this list regularly (every time I find out about something cool).

I haven’t used every item, but this list is based on recommendations from people I respect.

Because we are all in different stages of online marketing, there are tools at various price points and features for different business needs and  or personal preference.

Disclaimer:  I may receive a referral commission on some of these links, but none of the fees have been increased to compensate me.

Graphics & Design

  • Find a color pallet for branding with Adobe Color.  FREE
  • Create professional looking designs with Canva.   FREE  They also have  tutorials and lessons on using typography, colors and making your images pop.  Helpful for cropping and editing a Facebook cover photo, Instagram and blog posts images.
  • Get a logo created through a design contest for $129 through 48Hours Logo.
  • Find cool type fonts for branding with Google Fonts.  FREE
  • Easily edit photos for your website and social media using Picmonkey.
  • Find Royalty Free photos at 500px, Flickr Creative Commons and Every Stock Photo.
  • PlaceIt is a site with photos and videos of computer screens and devices that allow you to place your images on the screen in their photos.  Create mockups of your ebooks, courses, website or flyers.  Also, stock images of people you can use for landing pages.

Website and Blog Setup

  • Search for domain names at Go Daddy.
  • Use WordPress to manage your website content and blog.
  • Host your website with Blue Host.  They make it easy to setup and install WordPress on your website.  Use this link to receive a discounted  domain name and hosting package.

WordPress Themes for a website with a blog:  DIY Themes (not free, but easier to customize), Sparkling Theme (FREE), Twenty Twelve (FREE & simple).
Studio Press themes are also fairly easy to customize.  Genesis is simple and has a clean, search engine friendly code base.  Great for when you’re just getting started.   Generate Pro theme is a good list building theme.  Avada is easy to customize and design.

WP Curve– a service that provides quick fixes to your WordPress website for a low monthly fee.

Claim your name on all major social media sites with Knowem.  Helps with reputation management; even if you don’t use the site, it will prevent someone else from taking over your identity on them.


  • Project or Task Based
  • Upwork -a huge network of freelancers to do anything from website development, research blog post topics and content, copywriting and more.
  • 99 Designs -for quick design jobs like logos, banners, Facebook cover or infographics.
  • 48Hours Logo -start a logo design contest to generate lot’s of ideas for your logo.
  • Fiverr -a huge variety of quick jobs done cheap.  It’s amazing what you can get done for $5.  If you’ve never outsourced, and are a afraid to try it, this is an cheap way to give it a try.
  • WP Curve -help with quick fixes to your WordPress website for a low monthly rate.

On-going Work/Long-term

  • Virtual Staff Finder provides Virtual Assistants based in the Philippines, so rates are kept low.  I haven’t used this particular company, but I’ve had great experiences working with a team in the Philippines.
  • Priority VA is a Virtual Assistant staffing company based in the US.  Their rates are higher, but a good option if you’re looking for help where English writing is essential.
  • eaHelp is another US based Virtual Assistant company.  Find someone to help you with research, social media and many other day to day tasks that can eat up your time.
  • Prialto is a hybrid.  They are headquartered in the US, but staff from Asia and Central America.  They manage your VA and offer backup support in the event your VA is sick or unavailable.  Their rates are a bit higher than working with directly with an Asia based VA (but way cheaper than a US based VA), but their service is much more turnkey, so you won’t have to spend as much time training your VA.

Jing and Snagit (owned by the same company) are web tools that help you communicate with virtual workers by capturing images and editing them with notes (arrows, circles, text) and recording a video of your screen with a voice over.  Jing has a free version that allows you to record up to 5 minutes of screen recording.

Email Marketing/List Management Tools

  • Mad Mimi -simple, beginner level email marketing tool (email subscriber management and send email blasts).  I haven’t used this, but my non-techy entrepreneurs love this because it’s easy to use.
  • Mail Chimp -a great entry level email marketing tool for new businesses because it’s free for up to 2,000 subscribers.  Techy types love it because it integrate well with other apps.
  • AWeber – they’re famous for helping you get your emails through spam filters and great customer support.  Fairly low cost.
  • ConvertKit -is designed for bloggers that want the sophisticated tools that the more expensive companies have, but 1) don’t want to pay a high price tag if you’re just getting started and 2) want something easy to use that’s not too techy.
  • InfusionSoft -offers more advanced list management and segmentation capabilities.
  • Ontraport -another advanced tool for audience segmentation.  If you want to offer products or advice to different target markets and you have a large list, you should consider one of these more advance email management systems.
  • LeadPages for super easy to setup opt-in forms, landing page, and lead magnet delivery.  A great investment for anyone serious about building an email list.  They have great training webinars, too.  Even though I can do this myself, this tool makes it so much quicker and easier.

Online Course Software & Membership Sites

  • Kajabi -software to display and manage an online course.  It has lots of features with tons of bells and whistles; just about everything you need, but not the cheapest option.  This is what a lot of the high level pros use.
  • Zippy Courses -A WordPress plugin to manage and display your online course that’s a one-time purchase, which makes it very affordable.  It doesn’t have an affiliate program feature, but you can work around this by using a plugin like Affiliate WP.
  • Member Mouse -turn your site (or part of it) into a membership site.  A great way to generate income if you have great content.  Member Mouse charges a low monthly fee.
  • Wish List – membership site software you can purchase at a one-time fee (vs. monthly).
  • Affiliate WP -a WordPress plugin that helps you manage and pay affiliates.

Other Web Tools

  • Pretty Links is a WordPress plugin that let’s you create shortened urls using your own website domain name instead of services like  It’s great for branding and people prefer to click on links if they know where they’re going to so it helps increase your click through rate.
  • Speak Pipe let’s your receive voicemail messages from your audience directly on your website.
  • Sprout Social software helps you manage social media.

Podcasting and Recording

  • Auphonic cleans up your audio recordings to improve sound quality.
  • ScreenFlow is a screen recording software for Mac computers.  Record slide presentations for online courses or demonstrations and tutorials.
  • Camtasia is another screen recording software for both Macs and PCs.
  • Libsyn -podcast hosting.  When you record your podcast episode, you’ll need a place on the web to store your recording files so sites like iTunes and Stitcher can access and distribute them.
  • Power Press– WordPress plugin that uploads your recording automatically to Libsyn.
  • Audio Technica Microphone -great quality recording that plugs directly into your computer via USB for under $60.

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