Creating a Framework for Success

Too often I struggle with completing initiatives because the process seems daunting.  When there is not a clear roadmap in place to achieve an objective it can be very difficult to know where to start and what comes next.

In order to help myself focus I created a framework for approaching initiatives.  To start I created a list of questions to ask and answers to find.

Step 1. What is the initiative?

It is important to clearly define an initiative, understand what the outcome should be….


Step 2. Why?  What is my motivation….


More audience….

Step 3.  What is the plan to achieve this?


Step 4. How do I measure success?

What are they Key Performance Indicators (KPI) which will be used to determine success.


Step 5. What questions do I need answers to?

While it is hard to know what we dont know, by thinking about what questions to ask we can start solidifying the initiative in our head and begin to gain answers…….


Step 6. What tools or methods or knowledge is needed to complete this?

Where do I learn this?


Step 7. What challenges may I face?  What is my plan to overcome them?

Step 8. Share My progress/ accountability