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How to gain confidence and overcome the fear of putting yourself out there (Part 1).

periscope-logoToday I took the leap and did my first Periscope broadcast.

Periscope is an app (currently available on iPhone and Android) that live streams broadcasts.  It’s like YouTube, but it records live (no editing! yikes!) and people can jump on and interact with the broadcaster by typing messages that air directly into the stream or send hearts (likes) by tapping on the screen.

As someone who shies away from the spot light, the concept of doing a live video broadcast is terrifying.

What if no one shows up?  Worse, what if people do show up?

What if I screw up, forget what I’m supposed to say, or start rambling.

What if I look stupid?

What will my friends say?

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What’s the value of YOUR brand?

What is a brand?  

A brand is about perception and differentiation.  A brand makes you feel something.  Pepsi drinkers hate Coke.  Apple users think they’re more creative than Windows users.   People identify with brands.

A brand is CONSISTENT.  Harley

McDonald’s doesn’t make the best hamburgers, but they will taste and look the same anywhere in the world. You’ll get a warm, decent, cheap burger served fast.

When I order a latte at Starbucks, I get the exact same ounces of espresso all the time.  It doesn’t matter which barista is working that day.  The drink I ordered in San Francisco was exactly the same as the one I ordered in Bangkok.

A brand is a promise; an expectation.

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