My Achievement System

I was lazy, unmotivated and didn’t trust myself to follow through on anything.  Defeated.  Yet, I had dreams. I used to be a productive, reliable, go-getter.  I worked a demanding full time job and worked on developing new skills at night and on weekends, to the point that I was able to leave my six … Read More

My New Hack For Overcoming Self-Doubt & Fear

Since I’ve started my journey to find my voice and share things that may help people, I’ve struggled with emotions like self-doubt, fear and anxiety.

Courtesy Serge Melki

Will anyone read this?  What if someone reads this?  What if they don’t like what I have to say?  Am I wasting my time?  Am I good enough?

I came across a Podcast that shifted my mindset.  This short paragraph changed my world.  That day, I did a Periscope broadcast (a live streaming video broadcast) and felt relaxed, more confident than I’ve ever felt while speaking in front of a camera.

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8 Reasons Why Your Website Needs To Be On WordPress, Even If You’re Just Getting Started

WordPress_logoWordPress is a content management system that makes it easy to edit and manage the content on your website and your blog.

I’ve seen a lot of new entrepreneurs make the mistake of starting a website on non-WordPress or “easy” website solutions.  If you’re wondering what website platform you should use to get started, here’s why you need to get started on WordPress.  

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How to gain confidence and overcome the fear of putting yourself out there (Part 1).

periscope-logoToday I took the leap and did my first Periscope broadcast.

Periscope is an app (currently available on iPhone and Android) that live streams broadcasts.  It’s like YouTube, but it records live (no editing! yikes!) and people can jump on and interact with the broadcaster by typing messages that air directly into the stream or send hearts (likes) by tapping on the screen.

As someone who shies away from the spot light, the concept of doing a live video broadcast is terrifying.

What if no one shows up?  Worse, what if people do show up?

What if I screw up, forget what I’m supposed to say, or start rambling.

What if I look stupid?

What will my friends say?

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